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Schools & Research

Amersham Museum welcomes visits from school groups. We are currently developing a range of new sessions for schools, so watch this space for details of our new sessions in 2017. We also have a range of loan boxes which can be borrowed and feature objects from our handling collection. Themes include Metro-land, traditional toys and WWI.

Please fill in our online form to book your visit, or contact our Learning Officer to discuss the activities you would like to undertake – see below for session outlines and more information about what we offer.


Life in the 16th Century: Find out who lived here and how, over the centuries, they improved the house by adding chimneys and new windows. Study the building materials from wattle and daub to Tudor and modern bricks. Look for the original carpenter’s marks and witch marks!

Victorian Amersham: Look at our photographic archive and the museum displays to see what everyday life was like over 100 years ago. What could you buy in the local shops? Find out about local jobs, including the tools used by the chair maker, wheelwright and blacksmith or find out about lace making, straw plaiting and other jobs for children, as well as exploring Victorian maps of Amersham’s railway.

WWII & Refugees: Learn about how World War 2 changed Amersham, and how the town welcomed refugees from London and Europe. Write a letter home from the perspective of a refugee living in Amersham during the war, describing what life was like in wartime Buckinghamshire. Compare the story of Amersham’s wartime refugees with current events, and explore how war affects the lives of people in the past and present. Click here for a more detailed session plan.

Traditional Toys: Discover our range of typical toys from the 20th century and have a handling session with toys old and new to discuss the differences. There is an opportunity to talk about what type of materials were used, and compare the toys enjoyed by rich and poor children, before designing a new toy using what we’ve learnt from the toys of the past. Click here for a more detailed session plan.

Amersham & The Railway: Explore the ways in which the railway shaped Amersham using modern and historic maps. Learn about how to read a map, and use what you’ve learned to plan your own railway line. Hear about historic opposition to the railway in Amersham, and compare this with modern issues around HS2 – stage a debate for and against the building of a new high speed railway line through the area. Click here for a more detailed session plan.

Art & Local Artists: Learn about artists local to Amersham, and experience some of their creations. Take a short walk through Old Amersham, matching watercolour paintings to existing historic buildings. Experiment with different art forms to create your own work of art based on historic Amersham, and work towards your Discover or Explore level of the Arts Award*. Click here for a more detailed session plan.

Fossils & Prehistory: Look through the incredible illustrations of Robin Reid, a local fossil collector, and learn about ancient dinosaurs and local Amersham geology. Discover how fossils are made, and draw your own primeval illustrations. Click here for a more detailed session plan.

Guided walks: Walk around the old town to find out more about why the town is here and how the arrival of stage coaches and the coming of the railway altered the town. Or study the different construction methods and materials used to build the houses in the High Street. Old Amersham is an excellent contrast to other more modern towns for local history studies.


*Supported with investment from Artswork, the South East Bridge