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The Amersham Martyrs were Lollards burned at the stake in the early 1500s.

Martyrs Play 2021 Children

1521: the most traumatic year in Amersham history

The Museum will commemorate the events of 1521 when five men and one woman were sentenced to be burned because they were Lollards who insisted on reading the Bible in English  and praying to God directly in English rather than Latin through their parish priest. There will be the fifth staging of a hugely successful community play from 15-26 March 2022. 

Click here for details of earlier productions which started in 2001.

The play involves 150 people of all ages. It is presented as a promenade performance – that is, the action takes place among a standing audience in the town’s historic St Mary’s Church. The scripted scenes tell the story, while townspeople, circulating among the audience go about their ordinary lives until the Bishop rides into town. Careful research allows the actors to improvise the transactions, arguments and gossip of a normal market day and later re-create the atmosphere of the Charter Fair held each year since 1200.

Thinking big!

For this 500th commemoration we are planning

  • More performances with a larger student cast.
  • More inclusive and participatory.
  • More outgoing to audiences beyond Amersham.
  • More celebratory of the Museum’s work and outreach.


Involving everyone!

Martyrs Play We Need YouWe need your expertise in:

  • making costumes, props and stages;
  • historical research

We need your time as:

  • Chaperones and drivers

We need performers – young or old; no experience is needed – just enthusiasm!

All are welcome

The commitment can be as large or small as you want.

CLICK HERE to be part of it.

Please contact Martyrs Play 2022 for more details

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