We have presented the museum’s collection around five key dates, that reflect particular and important moments in the town’s history. For each of those dates we have considered what the town looked like, who lived in the town and related that to objects in our collection. 

Following the end of WWII there is significant domestic and commercial development in Amersham-on-the-Hill. New industry emerges, notably the Radiochemical Centre on White Lion Road, and the cosmetics and perfume manufacturer, Goya. The Brazil’s sausage and pie factory has become a major employer.

The population has grown and includes wartime migrants living in temporary housing. By the 1960s social housing has been created to provide permanent homes.

Who would I meet in 1964?

Jean Archer has a passionate interest in the history of Amersham. She lives in Amersham and collects stories from friends and family. In 1962 she starts work with the District Council, where she remains until her retirement. Jean is an active member of the community, involved in many groups and societies. In the 1980s she will become Amersham’s first female mayor.

What’s new in 1964?

In 1964 work begins on new nursing accommodation in Whielden Street. Close to Amersham Hospital, the building is 10 storeys high! The new Dr Challoner’s High School is officially opened in Little Chalfont in 1964. The mixed school is now separated into two single sex schools, with the boys remaining in Amersham.

In 1961 Amersham Library opens on the site of Woodside Farm. A few years later the swimming pool opens and in 1970 the community centre.

In 1946 Goya, the perfume and cosmetics company, moved to Badminton Court, Church Street, from Buckingham. The company – which also has a factory on Raans Road – is a major employer in the 1960s, with many local women working on the production lines.

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