In July 2017, Amersham Museum reopened after a substantial redevelopment and expansion into the neighbouring Victorian building. The work has resulted in the creation of  a new, stunning glass reception space, new exhibition space, a wonderful activity space and new dedicated stores for the museum’s collection. The project has also enabled the museum to better reveal their medieval building, previously hidden to the High Street. Find out more about visiting the Museum :

The museum’s collection has been completely redisplayed with more  emphasis on the 20th century and much greater access to parts of the collection, including maps and oral histories. There are also more activities for children and discovery boxes full of objects, photos and documents.

The redisplay focuses on five key dates in the town’s history and visitors can find out about the people who lived in the town at the time, the buildings from that era and what daily life was like. Visitors can write at the 1580s desk, sit in the 1930s interior and listen to the radio, watch stills from the theatre or listen to stories in Ron Haddock’s 1960s record shop. Each time zone has a multimedia quiz about the era, with an opportunity to ‘build’ a house of your own at the end.

Amersham Museum is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. The museum is fully Accredited and has been open to visitors since 1991. 

Please click on the link for the museum’s privacy policy (last updated May 2018). 

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49 High Street
Old Amersham

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In view of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) the museum will be closed until further notice.

“Enjoyed our visit to this wonderful interactive museum where you are positively encouraged to touch things!”

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