This poem was sent to us by Sheila Boyle from Australia.  She is the daughter of George Weller who was asked by Colin Hunt’s mother to write the poem. Colin Hunt’s name is on the War Memorial in Amersham’s Memorial Gardens.

George Weller died of heart problems at the age of 49 on Christmas Eve 1958, when Sheila was just 10 years old. Her youngest son Colin was named after Colin Hunt.


One of our Heroes is Missing

Written in memory of Col by his pal George Weller 
Memory like a history book
Through its pages we often look
Recorded on an earmarked leaf
Are the victims of our grief
To many a pal we’ve said goodbye
Sadly watched those heroes die
Some alas have died alone
Lying now in graves unknown
Reading down the list of names
I come to Colin Herbert James
Surname Hunt records the roll
But by his friends known best as Col.
A daring lad who knew no fear
With judgement true and eyesight clear
The call to fight found him not deaf
He volunteered for the R.A.F.
A leader born and soon observed
By men with whom he nobly served
And oft as pilot led his flight
Over Germany through the night
Mother now mourns her hero son
He died for others as father had done
For this cheery fellow his friends still yearn
But one his aircraft did not return.

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