The Maltings

Listen to Jean Archer talking in 1991 about The Maltings

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Built in 1829 by the Weller family to convert barley to malt. The structures on top of the building were the ventilators for the kilns.  They built one-roomed cottages for the widows of the Wellers’ staff, just on the left inside the first entrance to the Maltings. The Wellers gave an annual Sprat Supper inviting all the townspeople to the Maltings where they fried sprats on shining steel malt shovels.

Brick and flint wall patterns (PHO588)
Brick and flint wall patterns (PHO588)

In 1837 The Times reported a major fire: “The malthouse was completely gutted. In its storerooms were about 1,500 quarters of malt, a very great proportion of which has been rendered useless. The premises and stock were insured at £1,500 and the loss to Messrs Weller, by close calculation, will amount to at least £5,000.”

Below is an article fom a local newspaper about the use of Barn Meadow and the Maltings in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee.

Jubilee 1897

Listen to Reg Mason talking about the lake in Pondwicks in 1909


After the brewery closed a Mr Matthews bought the Maltings to turn it into a leisure club with a swimming pool and a maple floor was installed to make the largest space into a dance floor.  However, Mr Matthews died in a railway accident before the works were completed. It was then bought by Mr McLatchie for a fabric printing business, Amersham Prints. In the war it was used for making nearly 7,000 convoy or kite balloons (see photos below), similar to barrage balloons but smaller, as well as fins for larger barrage balloons, inflatable dinghies for aircraft and lifebelts.  Parts are now  leased to various craftsmen –  an art gallery, a cabinet maker, a curtain maker etc.  The history of Amersham Prints is covered in the 1947 article below.

Amershm Prints

Listen to two women who worked in The Maltings during World War II

Violet Winsor   R1_0020  and Daisy Caton   R1_0019

St. Marys’ School

Built in 1873 as explained in the article below and much extended since.  Now a very popular C of E primary school..


St Mary's school 1873

St Mary's School 1873(2)

Barn Meadow

The area between the school and the Misbourne is called Barn Meadow.  It used to belong to the Weller’s Brewery but was bought by the local Council in about 1931.

These buildings have been through many changes of use in the last 100 years as can be seen in the photos below.

Listen to Reg Mason’s memories of the school and Back Lane

R1_0032  “Back Lane School” and the three daughters of Mr Matthews who taught there

R1_0034  Cricket on Barn Meadow

also David Revel talking about St. Mary’s School and the effect of the evacuees in WWII  R1_0006

and Gerald Lee talking in 2004 to Diana Goodbody about the Italian POWs at Mantles Green Farm at the end of School Lane   R1_0011

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