Weller’s Brewery, now Badminton Court

This is the site where a brewery was set up by the Weller family in the mid 18th century, but there had been a brewery here since the early 17th century. It flourished until 1929 when it was sold (see a copy of the auction particulars below). The Brewery employed about half the men from the town and the Wellers were very good employers. obj735aThe beer was called ‘WELLER’S ENTIRE’ , much esteemed locally. ‘Entire’ is a type of Stout.

When George Weller died in 1929 they owned 132 licensed properties within 35 miles around Amersham. The business was bought by Benskins of Watford.  They wanted the licensed pubs, not the brewery as they had one in Watford.  So sadly the brewery was closed down and as it was the major local employer, it caused much distress. The price paid by Benskins for the purchase of the Weller Brewery and 133 licensed properties was £360,000.

After 1929 the old brewery building was used for a variety of purposes – an early leisure centre  where badminton and boxing matches took place, hence Badminton Court.  A report in a local paper in 1931 stated that “Mr J M Long has converted part of the Old Amersham Brewery premises into a fine Badminton Hall.  This has necessitated a special floor and lamps of 750 candle power.  There are two full-sized courts and ladies and gentlemen’s dressing accomodation.”

Later, troops were billeted here during the war, then in 1946 Goya, the cosmetics firm, came.

Badminton Court being rebuilt (PHO3090)
Badminton Court being rebuilt (PHO3090)

There was concern when a developer bought the property, but he rebuilt it very well in 1986 with some of the old brewery architectural features. He won an award, but sadly went bankrupt. He converted it into offices with a few residential apartments.

Hear what Jean Archer said about the brewery in 1991

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